Log 17 – Asset Development

I got back into working on the environment and started on the lighting side next. This was then next chosen asset to make due to its usability. I began making a design based off other assets that were dated within the era being used. For this reason I used the supports at the base to give a nice appeal with metal clamps to enclose it together with the main post. Further up I spent time trying to hard poly model the metal plate around the diagonal supports, but when finished felt that it was far too intricate for the time, so I reverted back to a simple plate at the starting point of the diagonal supports. I then added another metal plate to give the effect of it all being held together by the metal. To finish I made simple shapes for the lanterns and added a placeholder candle inside. The lanterns aren’t finalised or practical at present but this will be adjusted if time allows. I then used the torus tool to create my chain and attached it all together.

After completing the 3 way light, I then decided to create a few variations of this so that it broke the repetitiveness of its use. I experimented with 2 poles both in a straight line and an L shape. I also did the same with a 4way lighting for areas which were a bit more open.

I played about with the styles of lighting, and made a few variations to place within the scene. Although the texture is the same, it has gone darker since importing it into unity.

I began integrating this around the environment, changing its rotation and experimenting with what version looked best placed in each section I pre-assigned. I added some additional lighting posts into the scene as well as the shapes of the main poles slotted into place nicely.

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