Log 19 – Asset Development and placement

This month I focused on getting all the finishing touches on the assets. I began with the hangman deck, which was originally meant to be a guillotine section. However, after doing some research I discovered that I’d missed-placed its date in history, so I removed it and went for the next best thing. This was […]

Log 18 – Asset Development

I re-opened the Market stall that had been previously started towards the end of last year, and began applying the placeholding textures for now, so that it could be placed within the scene to help bulk it out. I followed the same process as I had done with all the other assets. I experimented with […]

Log 17 – Asset Development

I got back into working on the environment and started on the lighting side next. This was then next chosen asset to make due to its usability. I began making a design based off other assets that were dated within the era being used. For this reason I used the supports at the base to […]

Log 16 – Asset Development

After a few weeks off from dev work, I picked back up from where I left off. I begun by making the adjustments to the roofing on the barn that I had left unfinished previously. I also made some slight adjustments to the way the roof fell on the small entrance that attaches to the […]

Log 15 – Asset testing

I began experimenting on the Smith building as I wasn’t happy with the overall feel of it. I began by exporting it into unity. From here I reviewed the other options I could have for the walls. This led me to using the brick trim texture previously created and testing it over the walls. I […]

Log 14 – UV Mapping

The previous post came to an abrupt end prior to finishing it due to system issues preventing me from continuing with the task. After my computer became usable again, I started to work on the smiths building. I began by reworking all of the UV layouts to match the trim sheets that were already made. […]

Log 13 – Asset Testing

I spent time placing the house into unity, to replace the asset store items. I noticed that I hadn’t made them to the scale that I originally desired, so I went back into Maya and made some adjustments to the width of the building as a whole. I re-exported the item as the working class […]

Log 12 – Trim 3

I began with the blocking out process once again, using a cloned plane from prior. I made the adjustments in a way that suited the remaining elements of the building. This included wood at the top and bottom, Roof tiles underneath, Lead, Iron, Iron, Brass, Wood Ends. I played with the UV layout first before […]

Log 11 – Trim Sheets and texture mapping

After finishing the first Trim sheet, I set my sights on getting the second one done. So I began blocking out the sheet and its details. I then followed the same steps as before, which involved separating parts of the mesh and then extruding it out so that I could obtain the depth needed for […]

Log 10 – Trim Sheets and texture mapping

I continued the creation of the trim sheet sculpt, adding in the additional knots on the plank and then making minor adjustments to the grains that I had created prior. After this, I send it back to Maya, but had a lot of issues importing it into the scene. This led me to decimating the […]

Log 9 – Asset development

I began working on the slaughterhouse for the environment. I reused the smith building and adjusted the walls to facilitate the changes. I also removed the door and increase the frame width to allow larger animals to pass through such as cattle that were to be culled. Inside I made some adjustments too, creating a […]

Log 8 – Asset blocking

I spent odd moments in time working on some assets for the environment over the Christmas period. This ended up being scattered moments as and when I was able to get on the computer. I began making general block outs for the environment due to using premade assets from the asset store prior in my […]

Log 7 – Asset List

I made a rough outline of my intended asset list. I am aiming to make reusable assets with the potential of turning them into an asset pack for future use if needed, but this is all time permitting. For now, I have listed a brief outline of my intended creation list.

Log 6 – Blocking Out Further Dev

I took a few days away from the blocking out process before coming back to it with a new perspective. I had requested feedback from peers and others regarding the layout, which left comments mainly around the lighting and what will be used. Another comment was regarding the open space in the housing area. This […]

Log 5 – Blocking Out

This week I took a step backwards and tried to picture the environment how I wanted it. This wasn’t so easy with the lack of blocking out so I took the time to do just that. I began by making an environment within Maya. This was heavily influenced by Skyrim, but I inevitably found myself […]

Log 4 – Asset Creation

I began working on an additional door for use within the environment again. This time I started working on a curved style to help break up the buildings looks. Each building will be pieced together using an asset pack that will allow variety through different placements. I began with the general shape from the previous […]

Log 3 – Asset Ideas

Today I spent time reviewing sources that had been collected of medieval doors, buildings and environments. From this I then began making a blockout of potential assets that would be included within the scene. The blockout will serve as a reference and may have future changes to it, depending on the rest of the scene. […]

Log 2 – Further Research

Research I spent some more time looking at a variety of games, to check out the styles they included within their designs. This led me to Guild Wars 2 (GW2), which hosted many areas that fit with the theme I was seeking. From this I have gathered a few images to represent ideas that could […]

Log 1 – Block Out Play

I have decided to create a Fantasy / medieval type environment. This has been inspired from a variety of games, anime and manga over the years. Most recently, “The Elder Scrolls: Skyrim” has captured my attention with the way it has utilised the different heights when making an environment. I took inspiration from this image, […]

Future Tech Potentials

Technologies Virtual Reality (VR) kits are starting to embed within the gaming industry now. Therefore, having an option to use the Virtual reality head set to move around the environment would be a nice addition to the project, as it will bring new depth to player experience. There are many different types of VR kits. […]

Workflow and Strengths

Workflow The tools that I will be using within the creation of this project will be: Maya – I will do my basic block out of each asset here. When happy, I will send it over to Zbrush to create a High Poly (HP) version. When done with the HP, I will then bring it […]

Inspiration, Targets and Goals

Inspirations Games: Diablo 3 Sacred 2 Runescape Dark Souls (Series) Anime: Plunderer Magus Bride Cheat Magician Fairy Tail Diablo 3 has a detail reduction technique that is utilised by a fixed camera. The character will centre the screen, and the camera follows. Using a basic camera with no rotation, then means that it can remove […]

Finalised Idea

Based on the three ideas, stated in previous postings, I have decided that the first concept will be too complex to complete on my own within the limited amount of time currently available, and for that reason I will keep record of it and potentially work on it as a side project. As for Ideas […]

Project Idea 3

I began working on a another new idea this week, once again to test my imagination. This time I set my thinking plan out differently. The overall concept is unfinished but this is what I currently have: Idea An environment made from a terrain in unity – This will be painted using the assets built […]

Project Idea 2

I began working on a new idea this week, to see where my imagination would take me. It ended up consisting of rough ideas that should be included within a working game. The overall concept is unfinished but this is what I currently have: Environment Grounds are rarely flat – Include a slight gradient. Use […]

Project Idea 1

I spent a lot of time over the summer thinking about what I would like to start doing this year. Eventually I came up with an idea around tower defence: Brief The game is a tower defence, that relies on the character building the route in which enemies will follow, whilst maintaining their defences. Level […]