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Here I will post blogs of my progress as I create my Environment

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Log 19 – Asset Development and placement

This month I focused on getting all the finishing touches on the assets. I began with the hangman deck, which was originally meant to be a guillotine section. However, after doing some research I discovered that I’d missed-placed its date in history, so I removed it and went for the next best thing. This was […]

Log 18 – Asset Development

I re-opened the Market stall that had been previously started towards the end of last year, and began applying the placeholding textures for now, so that it could be placed within the scene to help bulk it out. I followed the same process as I had done with all the other assets. I experimented with […]

Log 17 – Asset Development

I got back into working on the environment and started on the lighting side next. This was then next chosen asset to make due to its usability. I began making a design based off other assets that were dated within the era being used. For this reason I used the supports at the base to […]