Log 19 – Asset Development and placement

This month I focused on getting all the finishing touches on the assets. I began with the hangman deck, which was originally meant to be a guillotine section. However, after doing some research I discovered that I’d missed-placed its date in history, so I removed it and went for the next best thing. This was solely reliant on the rope looking the part, and I am glad that it came out as well as it has. I did a little research into getting nice rope designs with smaller poly counts and then spent the time reworking it for the purpose I needed. I then duplicated these designs across to fill the space and imported it into unity.

I then made the Inn, which I kept to a similar design as the one that was previously used as a blockout model. This was done as I liked the hidden passage it created and the unique style of the building. Additionally, it wasn’t too difficult to convert one of the pre-made houses into this building inside of Maya.

Now that no other items can be made using the trim sheets, I began working on the other assets that played a big part in shaping the environment. This began with the stairs, and I utilised a low poly model which was then sent to ZBrush for sculpting, After I was happy with the design I sent it back to Maya and then made the high poly sculpt live. I then changed to the quad draw and selected my low poly mesh, adding in extra edge loops and smoothing it out continuously until I had a good match for detail to poly count. Following this I then sent the new low poly across to Painter, and baked the high poly details onto it, to give an even crisper appearance. I applied some pre-set textures and then made major adjustments to help maintain the current colour palette of the environment so far. I folowed the same process for the walls that went around the town and then imported the textures and assets into unity for placement.

I once again followed the same process and then took some parts from another asset within my library to build the overall structure for the guards to walk along in the future.

Although evident within all the images, I also set the lighting up, utilising a candle provided by a peer (Josh) inside of the lanterns, I textured and placed this inside, and then added a small particle effect, light with a warm hue, and then installed the post-processing for the camera to utilise to help make the scene pop a little more. Additionally I added some fog and made adjustments to many settings within the Post-Processing to get the warm feeling I was aiming for,

I quick Flythrough has been included below with a general feel to the environment. However, it doesn’t quite catch its full beauty as of yet.

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