Log 16 – Asset Development

After a few weeks off from dev work, I picked back up from where I left off. I begun by making the adjustments to the roofing on the barn that I had left unfinished previously. I also made some slight adjustments to the way the roof fell on the small entrance that attaches to the barns. This was because it was missing parts at the back, so I added a slight curve to the wood to prevent the back being left open.

I then proceeded to insert the large doors on the opposite side of the barn. I cut out the shape and then repurposed the door and frame I already had by making a duplicate and scaling it to the size required. I made the planks fresh by creating a box that filled the entirety of the frame, I then added a central line, detached, separated and scaled it in slightly before added additional loops to do the same process without the scaling. I quickly textured this so I knew what I was looking at. I then found an old image of a medieval barn, which looked as though it had divided doors. I then used this as a reference for the inside, which although won’t be seen in this project, does allow for future development work if it was repurposed.

Old Medieval barn, Door reference and inspiration.

Based from the image, I then split the doors in half again, so that I could recreate a similar style and effect as shown above. I added planks to match on the inside, and then added rings and bars to then connect the doors together. This was done as simply as I could think of, which is why I used the method I did. I then continued to add the hinges to the outside and a bar to keep the doors closed. I’m still not overly set on the wall style and may change this to a gravel look, or to wood. I may also divide the side sections up further to show horse entrances but I cannot find images of this time that follow this rule, so exploration will be done further.

I took onboard the overall appearance of the barn and felt that it didn’t look right as mentioned before. I changed the mortar walls to wood and subdivided sections so I could get an even scale throughout. I then exported both across to unity to see which style I preferred the most and if I needed to make a stone version.

I’m genuinely happy with the wooden barn style and wouldn’t change much more in respect of design. Maybe add a window or viewing hole around the upper levels but otherwise content. I did notice that I missed the normal maps on all of the above images, and they have now been applied. I will most likely focus on the stone walls next.

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