Log 3 – Asset Ideas

Today I spent time reviewing sources that had been collected of medieval doors, buildings and environments. From this I then began making a blockout of potential assets that would be included within the scene. The blockout will serve as a reference and may have future changes to it, depending on the rest of the scene.

I began making a windmill which involved using simple shapes to create a base and then extruding them out and adjusting the material to use as placeholders for the concept. I feel that this item may be changed or adapted to the environment further down the line as I am currently struggling to envision the rest of the scene with this sitting in the background. I then added a door to it later from another asset that I was working on.

I made a simplistic medieval door from reference material. This is one of many that will be used. I plan to have interchangeable doors / frames. I have created a standard door in this instance but will also create arched doors and frames as well to help add further variety into the design. I am currently still experimenting with this item as the frame seems a bit flat currently. This could easily be solved by changing a few of the bricks depth. However, this could also be used as another frame type with minor adjustments.

I will continue to make more of these assets until I am happy with a set standard within the theme. After which I will begin making a variety of walls following the same process.

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