Log 2 – Further Research


I spent some more time looking at a variety of games, to check out the styles they included within their designs. This led me to Guild Wars 2 (GW2), which hosted many areas that fit with the theme I was seeking. From this I have gathered a few images to represent ideas that could be incorporated into the environment I am seeking to make.

I growing theme amongst all games, anime and manga, seems to feature a nice entrance into the town through the use of a arch of sorts. Due to the popularity of this, I will also take this into consideration while making my assets.

In this image it shows that leading the player, or someone’s eyes to a set point can be done effectively through the use of texturing and some fences. The fences reinforce the path direction by limiting the direction of travel, but in a way that doesn’t completely cut the outside areas off.

There’s a range of height within the environment and nothing is flat, with a large selection of different assets to fill the space. It gives those looking onto the environment a lot to look at and appreciate due to the unique structures each building holds. Although this could lead to more work potentially and the overall feel wasn’t what I originally wanted to achieve. I like and appreciate the work that has gone into this little town and would like to produce something similar but in my own image.

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