Log 4 – Asset Creation

I began working on an additional door for use within the environment again. This time I started working on a curved style to help break up the buildings looks. Each building will be pieced together using an asset pack that will allow variety through different placements.

I began with the general shape from the previous door and then build on top from there. I went through a few different concepts to see which one would suit the environment I am seeking to make. After continuous play with the bolts and planks of wood, I finally decided to change the material and reduce its size in Y. This still felt empty so I added an addition strip with bolts, and then adjusted the placement of the main two connected to the hinges.

I am happy with the bottom right design and will place it aside, into the further development file. I will continue to make another door set, both curved and standard, so that four combinations of each can be used, but this figure may increase.

A common practice that I kept using throughout the block out stage was detach and separate. This enabled me to get the basic shapes desired and then split the object down into smaller components.

Unfortunately, I hadn’t saved my assets after final tweaking so I had to recreate the two that I was happy with previously. I made some alterations to the metal plated one and then moved onto the next door design. This one comes in 2 variations again, with the only difference being the top hinge plate that is slightly bigger. I did this as I couldn’t decide on the scale and ended up liking the contrast between the two. I may even add an additional curvature flick plate at the top on the third door, to add a bit more variation between it and the fourth.

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