Log 1 – Block Out Play

I have decided to create a Fantasy / medieval type environment. This has been inspired from a variety of games, anime and manga over the years. Most recently, “The Elder Scrolls: Skyrim” has captured my attention with the way it has utilised the different heights when making an environment.

I took inspiration from this image, as it manages to create the medieval/ fantasy theme effectively. All while keeping buildings at a distance to each other in this town. By giving more space between buildings it opens the environment to exploration purposes and removes the cramped city feeling that’s usually created from multiple large buildings sitting side by side. This also opens the lighting options up as there is a lot more free space and less light blocking assets in place.

I tried experimenting with some town layouts within Maya and Unity, to try and get a comfortable setting for myself.

Unhappy with the general feel I was getting from Maya. I swapped over to Unity, where I began mapping out a variety of environment, which would act as a base for me to build up.

I made 4 terrains of 100x600x100. These were all added by creating neighbouring terrains so that I could make similar surrounding areas for the boarder as I was generally happy with the shape at first take. I then began tunnelling out the placement of water than will help to break apart the map and added some basic dirt texture to show a path.

I settled on the top Left tile for its placement as I felt the environment fitted best here currently. This may change when I begin using my own assets in place of the current asset store ones though.

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