Future Tech Potentials


Virtual Reality (VR) kits are starting to embed within the gaming industry now. Therefore, having an option to use the Virtual reality head set to move around the environment would be a nice addition to the project, as it will bring new depth to player experience.

There are many different types of VR kits. Some with motion controllers and some with 360 treadmills. Both would offer a unique experience for the player. This would enable the player to experience the full environment as if it was a first-person experience. However, the inclusion of this may not be possible for my current task, but it will be something I research further for future projects. The draw back to this will be time, as I will need to ensure that everything is set to the correct scale otherwise it can destroy the experience prior to it starting.

Augmented Reality (AR) offers a lot of benefits towards games and other media. In this instance AR could potentially be used to showcase a player’s character and the equipment that they currently have on. Further development for this would be to make a mobile adaptation which could enable players to potentially battle it out with each other using this AR feature. This will all be future development as the project of creation is only an Environment in this instance.

This particular image shown above is reference to a game that used AR at its base. The trading card game Genesis enables players to bring their cards to life and use them inside of a battle situation with or against others.

Using this kind of mechanic within the future development of my project will allow players to not only “FLEX” in regards to their characters, but it will open the opportunity for others to “FLEX” back with a battle challenge. The possibilities could go even further by utilising WIFI/ 4G for this as well. With strangers also being given the chance to find other players and force a challenge. A ranking system could then be generated for local or wider areas eventually as well.

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