Log 15 – Asset testing

I began experimenting on the Smith building as I wasn’t happy with the overall feel of it. I began by exporting it into unity. From here I reviewed the other options I could have for the walls. This led me to using the brick trim texture previously created and testing it over the walls. I then exported it again to see which I preferred.

After exporting this brick version, I found myself disliking both the mortar and brick finishes. It felt as if something was missing, so I further tested designs on the building by adjusting the roofing. The original roofing tiles didn’t seem to fit the building type and for those reasons was throwing the balance off. I adjusted them to a plank roofing which looks a lot cleaner. I sought feedback from peers, and they agreed to the mortar walls and plank roofing over the others.

I set my sights on finishing some other assets too, which led me to the slaughterhouse next. I applied some of the trims onto the model and then exported it out to Unity. Prior to this I also textured the internal assets that come along with the house, such as the brick table, drip tray, wooden table and the bleeding racks.

This then replaced the slaughterhouse model that was in the blockout. I did notice that the building sizes varied greatly, and it left less space around the side for other assets to be placed to help showcase its purpose. Unfortunately, the scale in which I was making the building was correct and the original block out was too small. This meant that other adjustments will need to be made to help utilise the space further.

I made some adjustments to the roof area, reducing its overall height and slope. This helped to bring the building back to a height that still enabled the guards to patrol the wall behind, whilst retaining sight into the town at this spot. I have begun working on some assets for the outside to help better showcase the purpose of the building, but will most likely create some signs in the future, if time permits. This will also be done for the bakery, smithing, tavern, etc…

I quickly utilised the basic shape of the slaughter house to make a pig sty area. I also edited the fences made previously alongside utilising a turned over table that was inside the slaughterhouse prior. I also used the blood bin and stretched them to make feeding troths for the pigs.

For now, everything has a basic texture. This will eventually change, but the trims have been used as a placeholder for now, until the remainder of assets have been created. Next I set my sights on the barn in hopes of a quick completion. However, I had to do more research than expected to find a style and design that I liked. Eventually, I blended a few together to get the shape I wanted. Place holder textures have been used again, and further editing will be completed prior to exporting. This is still being completed, The textures need re-sizing, and changing. The rear large barn doors are yet to be added as well. I am also tempted to place a small window inside each stool area shown to the left, but this will be trial and error stages, or versions to showcase and get feedback on.

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