Log 14 – UV Mapping

The previous post came to an abrupt end prior to finishing it due to system issues preventing me from continuing with the task. After my computer became usable again, I started to work on the smiths building. I began by reworking all of the UV layouts to match the trim sheets that were already made. Unfortunately, I lost all the work and had to redo this task again.

To make the side skirting / cladding of the smith building look cleaner, I arranged the UV’s to overlap and flipped the axis of one. I then lined the symmetry up with the tile section of the trim sheet, as it offered better visibility for placement, and then when happy, I moved it to the wood texture on the trim. This helped to make it look better connected and uniform for weathering, while also reducing the potential eye sore of clashing markings. The draw back is that it may impact the overall appearance when looking at it in full.

I continued with the designing process, and applied all other textures. When finished I was a bit unsure of the overall viewing of the building, and felt that it appeared more like a house than a smithing building. For this reason I began working on a Brick trim.

For the brick trim, I made slight adjustments to the bricks to showcase them the same as I had done before, I avoided using marks that may leave the bricks appearing in a pattern and went for a uniform look overall instead. I had bricks extruding in and out, to provide a better depth when texturing. I then sent this to substance with the LP and baked them to bring across the height, normal and other maps. I then applied a rooftile smart material I had edited before, and made the adjustments so that it closely matched the dimensions of each brick.

I created two versions of the brick. One plain, and the other was sooty with additional dirt height. I am yet to determine which one is preferred, and may utilise both.

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