Log 12 – Trim 3

I began with the blocking out process once again, using a cloned plane from prior. I made the adjustments in a way that suited the remaining elements of the building. This included wood at the top and bottom, Roof tiles underneath, Lead, Iron, Iron, Brass, Wood Ends. I played with the UV layout first before extruding it out.

I made some slight adjustments after extruding and had to adjust the composition of the main plane. I also separated and combined different areas, as I had noticed a lot of detachment issues. I then extruded the plane and added some variation into the roof tiles. although minor, I wanted to try and get it to flow properly, so I detached the overhang and sent it on top of the upper tiles.

It was then sent across to Zbrush numerous times before I could begin. This was due to issues with the export. I finally realised my mistake of not adding additional edge loops into the each mesh. I used a variety of brushes the same as before. I’m not completely set on the wood designs at the top and bottom, but I will see how the texture plays with the overall look.

Once set, I sent it across to substance painter. I used some smart materials once again and made adjustments. I began with the roof tiles, increasing the size to fit the sculpt.

I then made adjustments to many other materials previously made and applied them to each segment of the trim sheet. I tried to reduce shine and metallic footprints on the rougher texture parts, and added a heavy rust on one of the iron sheets. I then exported the textures out to trial them all.

Before I knew whether or not the trim was usable, I had to correct all of the UV’s one by one. Needless to say, this was a gruelling task and took a lot of time due tot he amount of objects that made up the building. Below is an image showing the setting of the knocker plate’s UV. I then rotated the UV shell to fit the trim slot that was made for it.

After finally finishing the assignment of UV’s to the trim, I then reflected on the entire sheet. I couldn’t help but feel like the roof tiles appearance felt more like floor tiles. I went back to the save file on painter and made the adjustments to the tiles alone. I adjusted the dirt smears, due to their repetitiveness. I also darkened the inner lines to help reduce how much they stood out.

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