Log 10 – Trim Sheets and texture mapping

I continued the creation of the trim sheet sculpt, adding in the additional knots on the plank and then making minor adjustments to the grains that I had created prior. After this, I send it back to Maya, but had a lot of issues importing it into the scene. This led me to decimating the sculpt due to it being 8 million poly’s. I reduced it down to 1m and tried again. Unfortunately I had the same issues so I created a new scene file in Maya and tried importing to there, which thankfully worked this time. After this, I copied and pasted it into the original scene and compared the sizes, making minor adjustments before re-exporting it back out. I proceeded to send it to across to substance painter to add the final touches to it.

I began by baking the high poly sculpt onto the low poly plane, then added a “Wood walnut” smart material onto the whole model. I made adjustments to the material properties, including slight changes in the colour as well before adding a mask onto the main folder. I painted the first 4 and bottom 4 planks as I knew there would be some potential bleeding of materials if I didn’t do this. After which, I duplicated the finished material twice and cleared the mask area.

I re-applied the mask, dividing the remaining 8 planks in half. I proceeded to then make some further adjustments to the settings and made a lighter and fresher look. This will mainly be used for things such as new crates, barrels or market baskets.

I painted the final masking layer for the model, and then adjusted the settings once again. I was aiming for a similar look to the first one, with a slightly weathered appearance for ground objects. Then I began adding some mossy texturing to the image after receiving some feedback from peers. Unfortunately, the mossy look wasn’t’ great at first so I took a new approach after the feedback.

I turned off all other layers and then created a new folder, adding 4 paint layers inside and adding masks when set on the colours. I used them in order of what will be seen the least went to the top, and the most went o the bottom. This was done to help build depth into the concept. I had to adjust the colours a few times throughout this process as it kept resulting in a poor contrast between the colours.

Once finished with the mossy texture, I then applied it inside of the adjusted “wood walnut” smart material from before. I added this to the top of the list and then added a mask to the moss section to allow it to bleed into the materials underneath better. I saved the information for future use, and then exported it for use testing within Maya. I applied the texture colour and normal maps to each object and had to make alterations around the building due to issues with flow. This was caused by sometimes having 2 or even 3 segments to a wall that had space between. To rectify this I simple made it into a single wall face. I then adjusted the UV’s further and mapped it to various assets to test its usability for now, and to see if I was happy with the outcome.

As mentioned, I tested a few assets as well to check how well the trim sheet suited them. I am happy with the general result in Maya and it will look much cleaner in Unity once imported across to there. I have noticed that it has given the mossy crates a generic look due to the way I have laid the UV’s. However, upon reflection I feel that I can make further adjustment to the UV’s to help improve this.

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