Log 9 – Asset development

I began working on the slaughterhouse for the environment. I reused the smith building and adjusted the walls to facilitate the changes. I also removed the door and increase the frame width to allow larger animals to pass through such as cattle that were to be culled.

Inside I made some adjustments too, creating a hanging rack for the cattle / animals and a couple of chopping tables. The one with the cattle placed on will be brick, and has been placed in a way to showcase what will happen when the cattle is killed. Adding a blood draining section into the chopping desk which will be collected within a large metal basin. To the side of this will be another chopping table made from wood and will be for small animals such as sheep.

After getting this to a place I was happy with, I began working on my textures again by creating a basic blocking out inside Maya. This was done by copying the height of the wall and then ensuring the width matched to make it into a square. After which, I followed the same process as before to make a couple of trim sheets that were ready to send to Zbrush. I began working on the Planks trim sheet, by utilising a variety of brushes and alphas. Adding the wear on the edges was first priority. Next, was adding the the grain lines on.

After completing the line work, I then researched some planks of wood to see them in a closer to natural state. This led me to increasing the poly count further and adding in some knots to help break the length up further. I have noticed that the gaps are a bit too evident now and I may need to clean them up. But trial will be done as is for baking purposes before fixing. Just in case it bakes nicer this way.

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