Log 8 – Asset blocking

I spent odd moments in time working on some assets for the environment over the Christmas period. This ended up being scattered moments as and when I was able to get on the computer.

I began making general block outs for the environment due to using premade assets from the asset store prior in my environment blockout. This led me to testing out a texturing process called trim sheets. I spend a couple of days trying to understand the process behind this method through trial and error. Eventually I gained a general understanding of the initial process but was unable to utilise it further than the high poly creation due to system limitation. Additionally, my first attempt was purely as an experiment to see how far I could take it, but I was unable to get the seamlessness that I was after. After testing, I stopped and focused on the asset creation process instead.

I began by making a simple market stall. This was heavily researched to try and find something that may have been used within the era. This led me to thinking along simpler terms, using food crates, large crates, and boxes as a way of storing materials. These item crates will later be filled, dependent on the stall. This may include materials such as metal objects, food, and various other items.

I then continued to create a house with the door previously created. I noticed that I had mis-scaled everything before so I had to make a lot of alterations before it became usable. This house will replace the lower class structures that currently sit within the environment. Texturing needs to be completed but base materials have been assigned for now and trim sheets will be created for quick application across te environment assets.

I made some slight adjustments to the house, removing the second floor, and adjusting the door position. I also changed the overall shape eventually settling on two pushed back walls that would house the furnace and fan to keep it lit. The fan is yet to be made, but will eat the space of the gap to the side of the furnace. Although not visible. I also researched furnace designs for the time and found that they were all brick with step like increases past head height, which will then vent the smoke to the outside. This building will have a brick material for the walls, and then be broken up with the wooden beams.

Slight changes were made to each asset and their reusable content after receiving the news around home schooling. This unfortunately means that I am unable to devote as much time as I originally planned into the project, so cut back on the asset creation method will be made, meaning that my asset sheet will also be altered now.

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