Log 6 – Blocking Out Further Dev

I took a few days away from the blocking out process before coming back to it with a new perspective. I had requested feedback from peers and others regarding the layout, which left comments mainly around the lighting and what will be used. Another comment was regarding the open space in the housing area. This led me to scrapping the housing area design and building a new one. I decided to incorporate class’ into the hierarchy. This is where I thought about the location of the buildings further and added meaning in terms of class based on their locations. The area next to the slums was then deemed low – working class due to the slums situating directly behind them. However, across the road will be the middle class that will have a raise and wall separating them. I added an incline to showcase their importance as well.

Next, I worked on the upper class area, adding in a slop and dedicated stairs. I also added a cobblestone texture to the floor to show their importance. This area would have dual stair casing going to both the church and town hall. This was done to showcase the split power and influence within the town.

A zoomed out view of the changes has then been included to show the new layout from an angle. It also gives a clearer perspective of the class rankings. Next to the bakers, and in front of the upper class entrance is the working class houses. These then stretch across to the entrance of the lower working – mid class. The larger building that is also gateway to the slums will be a tavern.

A top view layout has been included to show the difference in layout from a sky view.

I sought further feedback regarding the work and although it was mostly positive, it did express concerns for the workload created through classes due to differing building styles that would be required. Therefore, some of the changes made in here will be included to the version created previously. The aim will be to start production now, with the goal of achieving the first design. However, should time allow it, then I will made this scene as well.

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