Workflow and Strengths


The tools that I will be using within the creation of this project will be:

Maya – I will do my basic block out of each asset here. When happy, I will send it over to Zbrush to create a High Poly (HP) version. When done with the HP, I will then bring it back into Maya for the low Poly creation if needed (This will vary depending on the number of changes made to the initial model)

Zbrush – As stated before, this will be used to make all my assets pop out a bit more than they would normally, by creating HP versions of each asset to later bake onto the Low Poly. (LP)

Mudbox – Although Zbrush is my preferred software to use for making HP objects, I also will be using Mudbox for smaller things that would be beneficial to keep within the software brand, such as minor editing. This is will be used for the quicker alterations, rather than the longer sculpts.

Unity – This will be my engine of preference for placing the assets into and compiling the final results. I have chosen Unity over unreal for the sole purpose of experience. I hold more experience in unity and feel that I would achieve a better result inside Unity because of this.

Visual Studio – This will be used alongside Unity as my preferable coding platform. I will be using C# for small things initially, but dependant on time I may rely heavily on this software.

Substance painter – Most if not all the objects will be sent across to substance painter for their texturing. I feel comfortable adjusting and creating textures within this software, so it will be the main program for this.

Photoshop – This will be used for smaller detailing such as logo’s, branding, and a few other smaller tasks. Depending on the 3D model, it may even be used to add some texturing. Premiere – This will be used to create small moments within the overall creation, such as the intro to the start of the project. Here I will be creating the transitions from: company name; platform, to the main scene, finishing on the credits.


Creativity is an area that t I feel my skills are strong. This also includes concept art as well, due to spending numerous hours drawings over the decades. For the past two years I have taken my drawing skill digitally as well, when needed and have become using a tablet for drawing and sculpting now. I feel I am a perfectionist, so any errors I make on a task tend to stick out for me until they are rectified. This also means that my work can sometimes take additional time. However, this then reflects on the quality, in turn giving a cleaner finished product. I enjoy creating a story and find myself nit picking about the details. This is done by initially brainstorming my ideas, slowly piecing together the ideas like pieces to a puzzle. This also allows me to create unique ideas when needed or keep within a concept if one is set.

I have spent the past two years working with Maya for various tasks, including blocking out, UV mapping, animating and others. Therefore, I feel that my knowledge in this program is another of my strengths, thanks to the familiarisation of the program and its design settings.

I began texturing and focusing on this topic part way through my first year at uni. I understand the basic fundamentals of unwrapping an object. Ensuring that it is correctly laid out to make an easier application for the texture itself. This is done by looking at an object and imagining that if you was to cut this, how could you lay this flat. Perfect examples would be clothing. From looking at pieces of clothes and how they are created. It allows you to envision how this needs to be unwrapped and where the cuts need to be made. As for substance Painter in general, I am fairly comfortable when creating a texture, and I am happy to explore various options within each material to fine tune it to my desired finish.

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