Inspiration, Targets and Goals



  • Diablo 3
  • Sacred 2
  • Runescape
  • Dark Souls (Series)


  • Plunderer
  • Magus Bride
  • Cheat Magician
  • Fairy Tail

Diablo 3 has a detail reduction technique that is utilised by a fixed camera. The character will centre the screen, and the camera follows. Using a basic camera with no rotation, then means that it can remove information that won’t usually be seen.

Diablo 3 also utilises different zones, such as going into a town (safe zone) or leaving said town to go out to the mainland (fighting area).

Runescape offers a series of secondary skills that are available for the player to upgrade, such as collecting, crafting, and many others. Also, similarly to Diablo, it offers a range of primary weapons for the player to choose from. It also uses simple assets to make up the environment.

Sacred 2 also uses a top down view within the game. This is more of a poor camera pre-set than any of reason. That said, when players modified the camera setting to follow in 3rd person it completely changed the feel of the game. In top down view it was very nice and crisp with the environment, although its environment differs from what I am aiming for, it still inspired me to look at things from every angle before coming to a set conclusion.

The Dark Souls series offers a dark vibe consistently across their games. Although they are based on 3rd person views, I still think the environment and the way it is captured helps to add to the theme greatly.

This features very dark settings (theme), with the occasional fog system in place. It also utilises eerie lighting created from contrasts within the environment. Such as a dark and narrow street, with thick fog, and buildings with their outside lights on. This builds the scene and then sound is used to build upon it.

As for the anime, they are all based in open areas filled with many different and unusual designs. Each anime offers a different selection of assets all based around the same medieval theme. These, amongst many other titles have helped me to broaden my scope when thinking about the theme. This may include different areas, such as broken down, abandoned, damaged, clean, bright towns and or villages. It enabled me to see the contrast between day-time scenery and night-time. Giving both a completely different feel depending on the environment.

Target audience
  • Based on the inspirations for the environment I am looking to create, I have decided it would be best to say the market would be 16+.
  • This is because the concepts are going to be darker, which could cause fear or uneasiness in younger minds.
  • From a future development standpoint, it also provides more freedom with the design and gameplay should one be added.

There are a lot of studios that I would like to aim for. However, based on the environment type I am creating this time, I will be setting my sights towards companies such as Blizzard, Bandai Namco Studios, From Software, ninedots. There is still a dividing factor between these studios, and that is the stylised and fantasy looks. I’m hoping to try and capture both within the environment without favouring one over the other.

This would involve something similar to code vein (from Bandai Namco Studios), where it sets out to achieve that future realism in a stylised way. Creating areas that have been heavily damaged, while maintaining the usability for a character when inside of those assets.

Potential Job Roles

Based on the project that I will be completing, there will be a few job roles that I can apply for.

These include:

  • 3D Environment Artist – Due to the environment that I will be creating.
  • 3D Artist – Due to the assets that I will be making, for inclusion within my scene.
  • Unity Game Developer – Due to the engine I will be working with.

Future Dev Roles may include:

  • C# Programmer
  • Animator
  • Character Artist.

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