Finalised Idea

Based on the three ideas, stated in previous postings, I have decided that the first concept will be too complex to complete on my own within the limited amount of time currently available, and for that reason I will keep record of it and potentially work on it as a side project. As for Ideas 2 & 3, they both offer similar concepts, and so I will be combining the bulk Ideas together and solely creating an environment based on this information. I have researched varying map types and concluded that it is best to use to use certain assets in larger amounts, with minimal alterations. (Mainly size changes and rotation) Therefore, concept 3 with its theme, and then parts of concept 2 with the rocks and terrain detailing.

Just to repeat what will be included:

  • An environment made from a terrain in unity – This will be painted using the assets built in.
  • This terrain will have different heights in place to create a natural feel.
  • Looking to use a darker colour pallet with dark lighting in place to add to feel.
  • Potentially use fog system to help darken areas more and give gloomy feel.
  • Grass textures with muddy patches.
  • Many assets to be used within a town setting, and around the environment, with slight modifications.
  • Small animations in place, such as broken, turned over cart, with wheel turning etc..
  • Semi-stylised theme, with buildings that have a nice character to them.
  • Use of particle systems to help showcase important areas / lights/ open doorways (That could later be used to change zones.
  • Town setting will be spaced out with a variety of building types.
  • Focal points to be included in areas, such as camp fire / fountain.
  • Camera will glide through the environment, along the muddy path made. (Potentially fix the rotation, for single direction view)Grounds are rarely flat – Include a slight gradient.
  • Use large rocks and shape the ground around them for a more natural feel.
  • Potentially use multiple plains & rock formations for caves.
  • Inclusion small streams that will break up an area within the environment.
  • Sturdy bridges can act as a nice visual feature and help connect an environment together where water is involved.

Further inspiration from: Code Vein

The interface is kept clean for the user, allowing them more screen space for the actual content. The area leads the player by using assets as path blocks. Although well lit, it creates a dark and gloomy atmosphere due to the apocalyptic theme.

Transitioning from areas uses a loading screen that isn’t harsh or painful to look at. Utilising a tool tips section for the players amusement and understanding while waiting. This might be something that I can use further along in the development process.

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