Project Idea 3

I began working on a another new idea this week, once again to test my imagination. This time I set my thinking plan out differently. The overall concept is unfinished but this is what I currently have:


  • An environment made from a terrain in unity – This will be painted using the assets built in.
  • This terrain will have different heights in place to create a natural feel.
  • Looking to use a darker colour pallet with dark lighting in place to add to feel.
  • Potentially use fog system to help darken areas more and give gloomy feel.
  • Grass textures with muddy patches.
  • Many assets to be used within a town setting, and around the environment, with slight modifications.
  • Small animations in place, such as broken, turned over cart, with wheel turning etc..
  • Semi-stylised theme, with buildings that have a nice character to them.
  • Use of particle systems to help showcase important areas / lights/ open doorways (That could later be used to change zones.
  • Town setting will be spaced out with a variety of building types.
  • Focal points to be included in areas, such as camp fire / fountain.
  • Camera will glide through the environment, along the muddy path made. (Potentially fix the rotation, for single direction view)

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