Project Idea 2

I began working on a new idea this week, to see where my imagination would take me. It ended up consisting of rough ideas that should be included within a working game. The overall concept is unfinished but this is what I currently have:


  • Grounds are rarely flat – Include a slight gradient.
  • Use large rocks and shape the ground around them for a more natural feel.
  • Use multiple plains & rock formations for caves.
  • Small streams can help to break up an area within the environment.
  • Sturdy bridges can act as a nice visual feature and help connect an environment together where water is involved.

Below I have included some images that show use of larger objects within an environment and how it helps to fill out dead space. It also makes the area look closer to a natural situation to a degree. (Inspired from Outer Worlds)

Game User Interface

  • Tab key to open the player info / or relevant key.
  • Using the M key to open a Map.
  • Using the B key for bags.
  • Tab or C keys for character / stats.
  • Compass to be placed in top, centre of screen and to be a seamless scroll.
  • Health, Stamina, Magic, Experience, Level, Character image, all to be in the top left corner.
  • Party members to be displayed below, with name, C image, health.
  • Hide the UI when interactions take place, such as talking / important moments.
  • Pause screen – will fade the background out to a black screen (relatively quick)
  • Hints that direct the player to quest objects shown on map while over x distance away. Within the x radius the marker will disappear.
  • Animated background to be used within the start screen.
  • Ensure that the company name & engine type used are displayed on game load.
  • Load screen to be used between sections, to give a better feel to the overall play.

General Gameplay

  • Segmented map by using zones. For example, entering the town will load the transition to town zone. (Performance friendly experience)
  • Control all loading areas by using interactions to enter / exit. Hold [E] to enter “Town Name”.
  • Objects will highlight when near them – change the shader type within x distance to achieve this?
  • Interactions need to have a faded back image & bold instructions written inside.
  • Keep the interaction names simple such as: Talk, Open, Take etc… To prevent screen hogging. E.g. Open [E], Talk [E]…
  • Quests given from NPC’s will create a moment. This will then zoom in on the NPC. NPC will have facial rig to stalk to player. Everything said will be displayed in dialogue below also.
  • Reputation based quests – these will be unlocked when enough reputation with x area has been gained.
  • Respawn points will be used in place of restart from last save.
  • Loot can be collected from enemy bodies.

Once again inspired from Outer Worlds, the use of a simple command with a faded background to portray the command.

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